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Brix Chocolates Perfect With Wine

Brix is the first line of chocolates specifically blended to compliment wine. Based on the finest single origin chocolate from Ghana, Brix masterfully combines the outspoken character of the single origin chocolate with the smoothness of the highest quality confectionery chocolate. The result is a blend so pure in flavour that it actually enhances those nuances found in great wines, without confusing the palate.

All are Gluten Free, Preservative Free and All Natural

Brix Chocolate Bars Milk Chocolate 277g

Brix Milk Chocolate contains 46% cacao and superbly blends single origin Ghanaian cacao with the high quality milk chocolate to match the texture and flavour of dessert wines and lighter reds, including Port Sherry, Rosé and Burgundy.

Brix Chocolate Bars Smooth Dark 277g

Brix Smooth Dark contains 54% cacao and is soft enough to complement a slightly sweet white wine such as Champagne and Riesling, while carrying enough structure to stand up to Vintage Port and medium-bodied reds including Pinot Noir

Brix Bites 24 Piece Box 179g

Brix Bites 28 Piece box contains individually wrapped 7g portions in an assortment of the four Brix varieties - perfect for a little indulgence or to share with friends.

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